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Andereck Investment Properties
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Andereck Investment Properties
Trading for our own account, as well as for a select clientele


Andereck Investment Properties is a small brokerage, specializing in hotel and commercial land development.  Our firm works with our investment partners and just a few clients at a time.  We undertake only those assignments that we find interesting.

Kim Andereck (pictured right) is the company's Responsible Broker and has been a licensed commercial broker since 2005.  For the past fourteen years, Kim has focused primarily on franchise restaurant sales, while developing his own properties in South Cheyenne with a small group of investors and partners.  

Kim holds a J. D. degree from Western New England University School of Law and is a Vietnam veteran.

Brenda Andereck co-owns Andereck Investment Properties with Kim.  



Andereck Investment Properties

Kim Andereck, Broker

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